We recognize the value of deploying seafarers who are well-trained and certified in accordance with STCW 2010 and the ISM Code. Our primary concern is to deliver safe, efficient, high quality, ethical and cost effective ship management solutions that satisfy our customers. Our crew recruitment and training ventures, proactively develop our very own Quality Seafarers to meet our concern.

Our industry standard stringent selection and training process policy ensures that we have access to an unceasing supply of knowledgeable and well-trained seafarers for deployment onboard our managed vessels.

Through a fully computerized crew management operations, we ensure that all vessels in the fleet have officers & crew onboard with the required skills, training and certification for the vessel type.

We offer everything from simple agency services (recruitment and placement) to full scale people management services including full employee lifecycle – meaning recruitment, placement, payroll, logistics, travel, port agency services, catering management / academy, training, development, career planning, Industrial relations, CSR services, seafarer tax management, employee law guidance, nationalization programmes etc.

The Astra Navigation crew is best described as follows:

  • Competent – one who knows what he is doing and does it well
  • Courteous – one who is polite and well mannered in all his dealings with people on board
  • Conscientious – one who acts according to his conscience, a person of principles and ethical values.
  • Cooperative – one who joins hands with other crewmembers in the common effort to provide utmost satisfaction in service
  • Communicative – one who is fairly conversant in English and is constantly trying to improve his language skills
  • Committed – one who is dedicated to his task and is ready to do his utmost so that he performs excellently as a matter of routine